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4 June 2013


TO:  The Seattle Times, and all who are interested in the truth about SHARE

FROM:  SHARE Members and Leaders


We are members and leaders of SHARE who are very proud of our work and the ways it’s revived our lives and our dignity and brought us great pride and joy.  We’d like to thank you for this opportunity to respond to and correct the article about us published in the Seattle Times on Monday, June 3rd, 2013.  We wrote this response as a community, through a democratic process.




Forced Advocacy:  The article claims that SHARE participants are forced to do advocacy, and are told they will be barred if they do not participate in SHARE political actions.  This is not the case.  The SHARE Handbook explicitly states that no one can be forced to do advocacy and no one will lose their shelter if they do not participate in SHARE advocacy opportunities.  While it is true that participation is a requirement of SHARE, people are given a wide range of choices on how to participate, and a wide range of activities to fulfill those requirements.  Choices include things like Vehicle Maintenance, Grantwriting, cooking for meetings, speaking in classes, attending church services, public meetings, organizational meetings, Site Searching, maintaining our website, and on and on.


Disagreement is suppressed within SHARE and Consultant Scott Morrow is a Scary Character:  This is patently false.  Disagreement is welcome within SHARE, and lively discussions are a part of our shared culture.  Before votes are taken in our democracy, there is lengthy—sometimes too lengthy—discussion with lots of disagreement.  Then, a vote is taken, and the decision is binding.  Staff and consultants do not get to vote.  There is widespread respect within SHARE for Scott Morrow’s history, dedication, and strategic/tactical advice, but he does not and cannot force us to do anything.  It’s insulting to us, SHARE members and leaders, to pretend that’s the case.


SHARE Rules are Overly Harsh:  It’s true that sobriety, nonviolence, and participation are requirements of SHARE.  Beyond that, our rules are less harsh than most staffed, traditional shelters.  Our rules are minimal, and are designed to keep shelter communities running effectively and safely, and to keep our promises to our host sites.  Everyone is told the rules of their shelter, and of SHARE, during the screening process before they are accepted into a shelter or Tent City.  And, as previously mentioned, folks are given a wide variety of ways to fulfill their participation requirement.


Seattle Police Department and FBI are Conducting Investigations of SHARE:  We’ve not been told directly of any investigation by the Seattle Police or the FBI.  We have been charged with NOTHING.  Audits and reviews happen annually as a part of our funding processes.  We have had no material findings in these annual reviews.  Last fall we responded within 24 hours to King County, whose staff comprehensively reviewed our Bus Tickets Policies and Practices.  Their review completely exonerated us of the false claims made against us that prompted their quick review. The City of Seattle also did a “spot review” last fall, which found no improprieties.  Our finances are open; we follow standard Accounting Principles, and we have nothing to hide.




Choice:  Choice is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as an “act or power of choosing.”  There is great power in choice, and there is great power in choosing to be part of SHARE.   And, there are tons of different ways people can exercise their power of choice within our organization or communities.  For instance, participation at Tent Cities can come in the form of security shifts, cleaning, cooking, camp maintenance, and other duties of camp management.  People who are not satisfied with SHARE often just don’t use our democracy to their own advantage.  SHARE facilitates the biggest network of shelters in the Northwest, and is the only network that offers a complete understanding and practice of participant rights and choices.


Accountabilities:  We decide on accountabilities as a community, and through democratic vote can decide on variations or accommodations for individuals.  We are not monolithic; we’re a community!


Love and Respect:  Many people consider SHARE to be their family.  In fact, a photo caption on the Times website connected to its article about SHARE quoted a SHARE Leader who said SHARE saved her life, and is better than family to her.  All families disagree, but there is a great mutual respect in our organization and community.


Pride, Dignity and Joy:  Where else in Seattle, or anywhere, do homeless people themselves get to set policy, create rules, and run their own shelters or Tent Cities?  Every member of a SHARE Shelter or Camp has a voice, and a right to express his/her opinion at meetings.  Everyone within SHARE is equal.  This gives us back our dignity, which was largely stripped from us when we became homeless.  SHARE gives us life, a foundation, and a great sense of purpose.




Why all the negative quotes and why no mention of reporter visits to indoor SHARE shelters?  There’s a great disparity between the people quoted within the Times article, some whom were disenfranchised or disgruntled former SHARE members, and by those currently sheltered in the SHARE community. This misrepresents the actual processes within our community and what happens in SHARE shelters and our community as a whole.  The Times reporter made visits to two of our indoor shelters, Maple Leaf and the Bunkhouse.  Several shelter participants there shared positive experiences concerning SHARE and our Consultant.  Why were these not mentioned in your article?


Why do the pictures in your article-accompanying photo gallery show a positive picture, but this is not reflected in the print version?  It surprises us that the Times photo gallery of SHARE community pictures didn’t match the printed text.  The photo gallery actually does capture what SHARE is about, by demonstrating the full breadth of life, pride and joy within the SHARE community.


Why did the Times publish false accusations about criminal conduct when we have not been charged with anything, or even notified of any current investigation?  No reputable media outlet would name an individual who’s not been charged with a crime; why did you do it to an organization of poor people?  It’s like judging us without a trial.

Why didn’t you capture any of what’s good, right, and positive about people rising up, running their own shelters, making their own decisions, and making a difference in the community?  Why so negative, Seattle Times?  Because so little of what we actually said to you is represented in the paper, it almost sounds like your article was pre-written and its editorial slant pre-determined.




Have free morning coffee with Consultant Morrow!  He’s not scary one bit, and passes out coffee at Victor Steinbrueck Park, north of Pike Place Market, from 6:30 to 7:30 AM every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!


Ask to visit our Shelters or Tent Cities!  Take a meal with us, or spend the night!  We’d be glad to give you a tour, and talk to you ourselves!


Our SHARE Handbook is available for all to see!  Ask for a copy!






(206) 448-7889

P.O. Box 2548

Seattle, WA  98111-2548


SIGNED BYRock LaFrance, JC Morris, DA Simeon, Rob Low, Hubert “Buzz” Chevara, Angelica Estrella, Luke Bohlander, Tannika Crease, Elizabeth Iverson, Isaac Pace, Anitra Freeman, Gregor Talbot, James Lucas, Jarvis Capucion, Mark Valenzuela (SHARE Participants)





P.O. Box 2548

Seattle, WA  98111

(206) 448-7889

March 16, 2013


Janice Hougen

Project/Program Manager II Community Services Division

King County Department of Community and Human Services

401 5th Avenue, Suite 510

Seattle, Washington 98104





Dear Ms. Hougen:


This correspondence and your Monitor’s Report of 2/20/13 respond to a wave of unsupported allegations containing fabricated statements impugning the integrity of SHARE.  These false allegations - organized and manufactured by Camp Unity Eastside beginning in November 2012 - hit County Council Offices, Seattle City Council Offices, the County Executive, the Seattle Mayor, and many others. The mudslinging was typified by the sloppy, biased, uninformed, and inaccurate Nov. 26th KING 5 News Report by Allan Schauffler entitled “Camp Unity takes new direction for homeless.”  Such trash talk could not and did not stand the disinfectant of impartial review.  SHARE appreciates the exoneration your report provides.


For instance, it was claimed that SHARE forced participants to sell METRO reduced fare bus tickets and return the money to SHARE, that SHARE forced participants to convert bus tickets to Harvest Time Auction Donations, that SHARE used bus tickets in political campaigns, and that SHARE used bus tickets to intimidate.  All these allegations, generated by Camp Unity Eastside, are slanderous falsehoods.


It shocks the conscience of reasonable people that even today the Camp Unity Eastside Facebook Page contains a posting characterizing your investigation, Ms. Hougen, as “the city of seattle police and city attorney raided the S.H.A.R.E. Offices and took records…this is the beginning of their end…”


In fact, SHARE has always gone beyond mere due diligence to stamp out potential corruption regarding the use of bus tickets.  We appreciate that your investigation found no deliberate misuse of bus tickets, and no material weaknesses in our policies and procedures. We at SHARE wish to communicate our appreciation for your extra efforts to uncover the truth in this matter, which has exonerated our community.


It should be noted for future reference that SHARE maintains very strict policies regarding the handling of bus tickets in all our locations of operation.  We advise all participants who use bus tickets that it is a gross violation of our policy to trade, barter, or sell bus tickets issued by SHARE.  Our administrative staff as well as management have been well advised that any such conduct is absolutely unacceptable.  We maintain strict adherence to our policies


Regarding your two recommendations to strengthen our Bus Ticket Program:


1)  SHARE will ensure that Bus Ticket Policies and Procedures are followed consistently at all sites, and ensure that bus ticket logs from Tent City3 and Tent City4 are complete and turned in on a daily basis.


2)  We will   


            a) Include language in the Harvest Time Auction Procurement Requirements that prohibits participants from selling bus tickets for the                             auction.


            b) Add to our “Agency Bus Ticket Policies” a #9, Reading:  “Any selling or exchanging of bus tickets acquired from SHARE is                                     prohibited, and will result in the most severe penalties.”


            c)  Those Shelter Rules that do not clearly state that theft is not allowed, or that the selling of bus tickets is considered theft, will be                                 modified when yearly agreements with Shelter Hosts provide an opportunity to do so.


This new policy language does not add prohibitions, but we are glad to go an extra 20 miles in insuring these prohibitions are crystal clear.  Any civil society prohibits theft.  SHARE, including our shelters, encampments and housing for work program (SHARE2) are civil societies. 


The only reason that bus ticket theft prohibitions do not exist on every SHARE Policy and Procedure Document at this time is the same reason that no-nos such as murder and pillage are not explicitly prohibited by name – it commonly goes without saying that they never are allowed.


Finally, we appreciate your willingness to work with us on developing a better methodology for calculating the SHARE community’s bus ticket needs for the year.  As you know, we believe the amount allocated to us by King County and the City of Seattle will create a shortfall in early October.  For this reason we respectfully request a meeting in early April to develop this methodology, and address any other remaining issues regarding our bus ticket policies and procedures.


Respectfully submitted,

TO:                  Tent City4 and the SHARE/WHEEL Community

DATE:             3/15/13

FROM:            Scott Morrow, SHARE Consultant

RE:                  Donated Laundry Service by Aramark for TC4


On February 21st, 2013 TC4 failed to keep its obligation to arrive at Aramark’s Everett Laundry Facility to pick up cleaned blankets.  Subsequently, the EC on duty at TC4 took a call from an Aramark Employee.  He said Aramark was discontinuing its blanket cleaning for TC4 and to come pick up the blankets.


The next week a delegation of TC4 Campers and the Tent City Organizer went to the Aramark Facility with a nice handmade Thank You Card and a note of apology and thanks.   No contact information, though, was retrieved for follow up conversation in this visit.  TC4 Camper Joe Bagby has said he knew and had communication with the contact at Aramark, but he has still not produced any contact information.


Yesterday I drove to the Aramark Plant and met briefly with the General Manager.  He said he only vaguely knew about this issue, and had never seen either the Thank You Card or note of apology.  He took copies of these from me, and promised to have the Laundry Manager call me.


Today the Laundry Manager called.  He stated that he had only been in this position for a while, and that it was extremely challenging dealing with blanket cleanings at this facility due to heavy volume in relation to size of plant.  In addition, workers had complained about the unsanitary condition some blankets arrived in.  The window for pick-ups and drop offs was small, and it has sometimes been missed.


I suggested SHARE find a ‘professional’ driver who could make sure we were 100% consistent.  The Laundry Manager said the problem with that solution was that if he resumed service for TC4, he would have to resume service to ‘the other group’ too.  I asked him who the other group was, and he said it was the people who had broken off.


It is my opinion, based on the 9 year history we have had with first Overall and now Aramark, that Aramark’s move to their Everett Facility and the much tighter schedule they operate under created a situation that was an ongoing challenge.  Camp Unity’s slipping in and doubling the confusion was the straw that broke this camel’s back.


I would suggest we ask Aramark in writing to reconsider, at some time, but the probability of their doing so is low.  It was the local company who they bought out (Overall) – who had first offered this generous service. 


It should also be clear from this and other instances - such as the spurious bus ticket controversy that Camp Unity manufactured in late November – that their conduct remains a danger to our community.

A Synopsis of Unfortunate Events at SHARE/WHEEL’s

Tent City4 in the Fall/Winter of 2012:

SHARE/WHEEL’s Tent City4, entering the fall of 2012, was in a period of poor overall participation in activities beyond the immediate day-to-day functioning of the camp. Obligations to the overall SHARE Community –whose benefits TC4 reaped and required for its operation – were often being ignored or misunderstood.

This is easily seen from reviewing summer and fall weekly sign-out sheets for SHARE Work Groups - such as our Vehicle Maintenance and Grantwriting Committees, Communications Work Group, and Direct Action Work Group - and noting the dearth of TC4 participants. At the same time, Tent City4’s elected Leadership was failing to hold individuals accountable for not helping shoulder the camp’s responsibilities through our system of community credits – the obligation of each camp participant to do at least one designated community activity every two weeks.

Meanwhile, a crisis of an insufficient yearly allocation of reduced-rate bus tickets led to the September 29th closure of ALL SHARE’s indoor shelters, the creation of a Temporary Encampment for these people in downtown Seattle, and our (temporary) inability to issue bus tickets to anyone within SHARE’s shelter and encampment network.

Given the already weakened understanding within TC4 of the ‘we’re in this together’ nature of SHARE, this emergency further exacerbated confusion. It was not TC4’s poor response to the bus ticket crisis, though, that was the problem – it was their across-the-board poor response to shared community needs, responsibilities and benefits.

This breakdown was epitomized by the failure of one of the two Tent City4’s Camp Advisors to keep her commitment to do the ‘Fund-An-Item’ speech at SHARE’s Harvest Time Auction Event, which was earmarked to raise money for Tent City Port-a-Potties. No accountability – not even an acknowledgement or apology – was ever held for this failure.

In a nutshell, a small(ish) group within Tent City4 was responsible for a months-long pattern of nonparticipation, not holding participants accountable for rules violations, and not tracking along with its own policies and those of our entire organization.

This culminated in two very painful SHARE all-community decision-making meetings (called the Power Lunch and held every Saturday at noon). At two early-November Power Lunches, Tent City4 mustered large numbers of their own participants to attempt to skew our community process; i.e. overwhelm the vote in their own favor in order to avoid accountabilities.

These efforts did not succeed. When, instead, Tent City4 was given a democratically-voted-on directive by the Power Lunch to hold three of its Leaders accountable (with a relatively mild accountability), they refused to do so. Instead, they defied a directive given them by a democratic vote of the decision-making body of the organization.

At that point, SHARE notified Tent City4 that they would close on Thursday November 15th. Because they defied SHARE’s fundamental decision-making process and an organizational directive, they had shown that they were not interested in being part of SHARE.

Just before the closure deadline, Tent City4 campers rose up, and ended up – by democratic vote – barring the nine participants most responsible for the defiance/rules/pattern of problems. Having done that, SHARE notified the camp that they would remain open. Meanwhile, the barred folks and others went to Lake Washington United Methodist Church and started what they are calling Camp Unity.

The simplest way of saying what happened, and why, is this: A decentralized, democratic, non-hierarchical grassroots organizing effort and network like ours can only work with the people who are willing (and committed) to working WITH us – within our structure, within our procedures, and with our rules and votes. That goes for the campers now starting up Camp Unity, and also outsiders who have gotten themselves mixed up in this unfortunate and painful situation.

We can only work with those who will respect our processes, people, and procedures. Anything else would be chaos for us, and would risk ALL parts of the rest of the organization.


Prepared under the direction of the D.A.W.G on December 10, 2012

The following, in a Question and Answer Format, are rebuttals to a number of specific claims made recently by detractors of SHARE, WHEEL and Tent City4. Please do not hesitate to contact SHARE at (206) 448-7889 if you have questions, concerns, or would like to discuss this matter further.



1) Q: On Camp Unity’s ‘Happy Camper’ Facebook Page Bill Kirlin Hackett wrote on 12/1/12 “SHARE wanted responsible campers, and now that some decided to be responsible and exercise their voice, SHARE bans them.” True?

A: False. TC4 Participants are not barred for speaking out. No accountability action was taken against the TC4 Camp Advisor after he violated SHARE rules by negotiating solo with the host church (about changes in sex offender screening.)

On 11/10/12 SHARE’s Final Decision Making Body – the SHARE Power Lunch/Board of Directors – determined that, after weeks of delay, Tent City4’s Two Camp Advisors and the Camp Bookkeeper had still neither tracked nor explained over 35 Community Credit discrepancies in a two week period. That was why these three individuals were barred by the Power Lunch for 14 days from TC4.

“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted

whenever I am contradicted.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

2) Q: On 11/16/12 Pastor Kelly Dahlman-Oeth of Lake Washington United Methodist Church issued a Press Release that said “When votes were held at Tent City4, the majority of the camp rejected the decision to bar the leaders.” True?

A: False – no credible vote on this issue was ever taken at TC4, and the camp’s Executive Committee failed to follow the SHARE Power Lunch/Board of Directors mandate.

3) Q: Lake Washington United Methodist Church Member Sandi Hunt wrote on November 16th that “Last Saturday at the ‘Power Lunch’ the attendees voted twice to fire Scott Morrow. Twice the vote was to fire him. Twice he refused the vote.” True?

A: False. No vote about staff or consultants took place at the 11/10 Power Lunch and no Power Lunch has voted to fire the staff or consultant. Rather, the 11/10/12 Power Lunch voted to require accountability of the 2 TC4 Camp Advisors and the Bookkeeper – for issues of competence. It also voted to not change the manner of sex offender checks at Tent City4 at that time.

4) Q: On 11/16/12 Pastor Kelly Dahlman-Oeth of Lake Washington United Methodist Church issued a Press Release that said “At our All-Church Conference on Sunday, November 11, 2012, the congregation and leaders of Lake Washington United Methodist Church (LWUMC) voted unanimously to invite Tent City4 to return for a 92 day stay beginning January 12, 2013.” When did they inform SHARE/WHEEL of this?

A: They have never informed SHARE/WHEEL of this. LWUMC has not spoken to or contacted SHARE/WHEEL since October 30th, 2012. On that date their representative confirmed receiving a written request to host TC4 beginning January 12, 2013. That letter, addressed to Pastor Kelly Dahlman-Oeth, said in part “We are respectfully asking you to meet with us. Please contact our Consultant, Scott Morrow, at your earliest convenience”. It has not been done.

If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault just between the two of you.

If they listen to you, you have won them over.” Matthew 18.15

5) Q: Camp Unity Member and former TC4 Bookkeeper Mike Messer wrote on the TC4 Website on November 14th, 2012 that “It is becoming clear that Scott Morrow’s decision NOT to permit us to do weekly checks on everybody staying in camp is non-negotiable.” True?

A: False. The motion by a Tent City4 participant to allow weekly sex offender checks at Tent City4 was voted down –with Mike Messer present – at the November 10th Power Lunch/Board of Directors, SHARE’s democratic decision making body. Only homeless or formerly homeless men and women can vote within SHARE, and neither SHARE Staff – or Consultant Scott Morrow - can vote or make motions within SHARE.

6) Q: On 11/16/12 Pastor Kelly Dahlman-Oeth of Lake Washington United Methodist Church issued a Press Release saying “St John Vianney still expects SHARE/WHEEL to conduct the weekly checks, and if they do not comply, Tent City4 will be required to leave the grounds.” True?

A: False. Neither the Archdiocese nor St John Vianney ever said or implied this. SHARE/WHEEL’s Tent City4 did meet with them both on 11/29/12 and listened respectfully. TC4 will make changes to accommodate what was heard. We appreciate their recognition that no one has ever been harmed by TC4, and for knowing that weekly sex offender checks would not have caught Robert McKay Erskine, since he is still not on the sex offender list.

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security

will deserve neither and lose both.” Benjamin Franklin

7) Q: On Nov. 14th Bill Kirlin Hackett, Executive Director of the Interfaith Task Force on Homelessness informed his Task Force that “What was called Tent City 4 since 2004 has been renamed “Camp Unity” and by vote of the residents has withdrawn from SHARE. That withdrawal has been accepted, from what I have been told.” True?

A: False. No such vote took place at SHARE/WHEEL’s Tent City4.

If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed.

If you read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” Mark Twain

8) Q: In the 11/15/12 Publicola Article “Tent City Divorces SHARE” Reporter Erica Barnett claims “The break came after SHARE leader Scott Morrow objected to warrant and sex offender background checks for people who want to live at the camp.” True?

A: False. The decision of some participants to leave TC4 had little to do with sex offender checks. The decision of SHARE to require either a camp closure or camp compliance with several long delayed directives was due to the ongoing failure of the Two Camp Advisors and the Camp Bookkeeper to either explain or hold accountability for over 35 unaccounted for Community Credit claims within a 14 day period.

9) Q: On November 15th Lake Washington United Methodist Church Member Sandi Hunt wrote that “Camp Unity Members are now barred from all SHARE shelters and tent cities.” True?

A: False. All Camp Unity members – save 9 former leaders of S/W’s Tent City4 whose barring from camp on the morning of Thursday November 15th by a newly elected TC4 Executive Committee kept TC4 open – are welcome at any SHARE Community.

10) Q: On November 15th Lake Washington United Methodist Church Member Sandi Hunt wrote that SHARE Consultant “Scott says he is not an employee of SHARE, only a consultant, yet he calls at the shots. He controls the bus tickets, rules, and funds. I call that a dictator.” True?

A: False. Scott Morrow is a former employee who now consults with SHARE part time in exchange for health insurance. SHARE Employees and consultants do no call shots or control bus tickets, rules, and funds. They are fully accountable to the SHARE Power Lunch/Board of Directors, who set all terms of employment –including hiring and firing.

SHARE is democratic. Majority rule determines policy, rules and direction. Things that affect more than one part of SHARE are resolved at the weekly SHARE Power Lunch. Things that affect just one community within SHARE are resolved at that Community’s weekly meeting. SHARE Employees and Consultants must follow the directives of the SHARE Power Lunch.

Each SHARE Community has one ongoing and consistent point of contact person for outsiders to contact regarding camp issues. This is because the population of each community changes often and consistency in sharing and disseminating information is crucial for democratic communities. Point of contact people make no decisions, but alert the Camp Weekly Meeting about issues, and ensure that information about decisions is then shared appropriately.

“Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost

universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more

than having to think.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

11) Q: On December 2 Loyd Hogan wrote on the’ Camp Unity Eastside” Facebook Page that“Last week the city of seattle police and city attorney raided the S.H.A.R.E. Offices and took records … this is the beginning of their end …” True?

A: False. No police or prosecutors have either shown up or approached SHARE in any way. City and County Human Service Staff, responding to false claims made by members of Camp Unity to City and County Councilpeople, reviewed SHARE’s records for the Reduced Rate Bus Ticket Program last Thursday. All was in proper order.

12) Q: The Kirkland Patch 11/14/12 reported that Sandra Hunt of Kirkland said she “serves as supply coordinator for the camp.” True?

A: False. Maybe now for Camp Unity – never for SHARE/WHEEL’s Tent City4.

13) Q: On Camp Unity’s ‘Happy Camper’ Facebook Page Bill Kirlin Hackett wrote on December 1st ‘SHARE closes church run shelters to make political points.” True?

A: False. Without bus tickets, SHARE neighborhood shelters cannot stay open because adequate transportation to them is not available. This fall SHARE only had 1 month of bus tickets for the last 3 months of the year. So the SHARE indoor shelters had to temporarily close. To stay together and safe – and to remind those who could solve the problem that there was a problem – over 100 members of the indoor shelters camped out as a group (aka encampment) at the County Administration Building north plaza.

14) Q: On 11/26/12 on KING TV News Camp Unity Resident Alan Gill claims "he and others were forced to participate in political protest involving homeless causes orchestrated by Morrow and SHARE”. True?

A: False. Recently SHARE struggled with the problem of being 7 weeks short of reduced rate bus tickets in 2012. Through Direct Action, Community Support, Ingenuity, and speaking the truth, SHARE persuaded the King County Council to allocate a quarter million dollars of additional bus tickets to this program in 2012. No Tent City4 participant was required to participate in this struggle to get these bus tickets.

“If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing the ground. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will.” Frederick Douglas

15) Q: Numerous anonymous callers contacted City and County Council Members to repeat the same inaccurate claims made by Alan Gill on King TV at the same time. These claims included saying that SHARE forced people to sell their bus tickets and give SHARE the money, and to withhold bus tickets from individuals for arbitrary and political reasons. True?

A: False. SHARE has never countenanced these corrupt practices, and bars individuals who commit them. In very rare instances – when after repeated warning of problems an encampment still does not hold individuals accountable for clear and gross violations of rules or Power Lunch directives – tickets are withheld to an entire camp until the problem is addressed.

16) Q: The Agenda for SHARE/WHEEL’s Weekly All Camp Meetings prohibits “3) Non camp members at Weekly House Meetings (without a vote of the camp the previous week.)” True?

A: True: The weekly camp meetings discussed sensitive and private matters. Vehemently held opinions are expressed. We strive to encourage honest conversations about critical issues; the presence of outsiders clearly discourages some people from talking in an honest and open manner. Bill Kirlin Hackett knowingly and deliberately violated this prohibition on 11/13/10.

“If you don’t stick to your values when they’re being tested, they’re not values:

they’re hobbies.” Jon Stewart

17) Q: On 11/19/20 Bill Kirlin Hackett wrote to SHARE/WHEEL, saying “I have been told today that there is a ban put upon several of us.” True?

A: True: The SHARE Power Lunch/Board of Directors has barred Bill Kirlin Hackett and Joe Ingram, purportedly representing the Interfaith Task Force on Homelessness, and Sandi Hunt of Lake Washington United Methodist Church, for their participation in efforts at TC4, on the internet, and with the press to dissolve SHARE/WHEEL’s Tent City4 and have it taken over by a new entity. To do this they have made false allegations and repeatedly interfered in internal camp business.

Mr. Ingram and Ms. Hunt also were involved in the theft of SHARE/WHEEL property from Tent City4. Of particular concern is privileged and private information on past and present campers at SHARE/WHEEL’s Tent City 4 contained on computer hard drives that were driven away from camp by Mr. Ingram.

“We have flown the air like birds and swum the sea like fishes, but have yet to learn the simple

act of walking the earth like brothers.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

18) Q: In October Joe Matson, representing First United Methodist Church of Bellevue, invited SHARE/WHEEL’s Tent City4 to return to his church in 2012 following a successful visit in 2010. This invitation was accepted, and the two parties commenced arrangements to begin the permitting process.

On 11/29/12 Mr. Matson left SHARE a voice mail saying “we could not sponsor Tent City 4 in 2013 and will be looking at Management situations at both Tent City4 and SHARE/WHEEL within the next 12 months and make some further action at that time.”

Will former hosts of SHARE/WHEEL’s Tent City4 reject them based on falsehoods and fear, or will our old friends allow us an opportunity to share our side of this painful episode before shunning us?

A: We hope that our old friends and hosts will speak with us first, before taking any action diminishing our ability to work together in the future. SHARE/WHEEL’s Tent City4 thanks St. Jude Catholic Parish of Redmond for inviting us to their Church Grounds on January 12th for our fourth stay 3 month stay.

“A lie travels halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on.”