Share Storage Lockers

SHARE Storage Lockers

at Trinity Episcopal Parish, but in the

old Northwest Harvest Cherry Street Foodbank space,

entrance on Cherry Street between 7th and 8th, 711 Cherry Street

Seattle, WA 98104

The SHARE Storage Lockers have new hours and days open.

Tuesday and Thursday the Lockers are open 7am - 9am

Saturday and Sunday are open 8am - 10am

Lockers are closed Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Provided lockers are converted Greyhound Bus Station lockers and vary in size. Most are approx. 2.5'x2.5'x3.5' deep. Locker keys are stored on-site for security reasons.

SHARE Lockers follow SHARE's self-management model, and participation in daily operation of the Lockers is required.  Lockers are provided free of charge, but all participants must:

1. Work one 2 hour shift per month

2: Attend one Sunday meeting per month. Meetings start at approx. 10:15am, after the Lockers close for the day.

Failure to complete the monthly requirements will result in a 30 day bar for the participant and will require the participant to remove their belongings from the Lockers.

In addition to the above participation requirements, the following rules apply at SHARE Lockers:

1.Participants are limited to one 30 minute  period per day to access their Locker

2. No illegal items may be stored in the Lockers. No drugs, alcohol, prescription medicines, flammable items, weapons,food, or cash may be   stored in the Lockers.   

3. Lockers subject to availability

Please apply in person at the above address during hours of operation.