Need Shelter?

Screenings for all SHARE shelters, except the Tent Cities and an additional GLA Maple Leaf screening, are held at the SHARE Office in the basement of the Josephinum, alley entrance between 2nd & 3rd just north of Stewart Street, in downtown Seattle.

No prior appointments or calls are needed to get into a shelter. Just show up at the Josephinum at the times listed below.

Screenings  for Indoor shelters are at 6 PM Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and 1 PM Mondays and Thursdays.


For a calendar of SHARE's shelter screening times, Click Here 

Tent Cities screen on location. There are no set times for the screenings. Just show up at the location.

Tent  City 3 (eff 9/9/23) is at:

2720 S. Hanford St

Seattle, WA  98144

through 6/30/24

Camp Phone:  (206) 399-0412


Tent City 4 (eff 5/18/24) at:

Seattle Mennonite Church

3212 NE 125th St, Seattle, WA 98125 

through 5/16/25

Updated 5/14/24