Indoor Shelter F.A.Q.'s

Indoor Shelter FAQ’s


What kind of shelter is available?

SHARE provides shelter to single homeless adults.  We offer men-only, women-only, and coed shelters.  We do not offer emergency shelter for families or minors.  We have a total of 5 indoor shelters, and each shelter holds anywhere from 10 to 30 people.  These are a combination of 24 hour and night-time-only shelters.  Several have amenities (like storage, kitchen use; some have showers and laundry).

How do I access SHARE’s Indoor Shelter System and is there any cost?

There is no cost or fee for utilizing the SHARE Indoor Shelter System.  Simply come to the SHARE Office Monday through Saturday. Screenings for all SHARE shelters, except and additional offsite God's Little Acre(GLA) screening for Maple Leaf, are held at the SHARE Office in the basement of the Josephinum.  The entrance can be accessed between 2nd & 3rd off Stewart St, in the alley. No prior appointments or calls are needed to get into a shelter.  (Click Here) for location and specific times

Is transportation provided?

Yes.  Each person who stays in SHARE’s Indoor Shelters is given bus tickets daily to travel to and from the shelter they are in.

Once I screen in to a SHARE Shelter do I have to stay every night?

Yes and No. New screens must stay at the Shelter the first seven nights.  After that Participants are allowed to take nights out. The Bunkhouse is an unique Program with multiple obligations so Participants must stay the first 30 nights, except in the case of an emergency.  Shelter leadership at any of our sites will be able to answer any questions about nights out.

Are there any rules?

Yes.  Each shelter has its own set of rules.  At the screening, a current member of the shelter will ask a series of questions.  After the screener has finished with the questions, and has decided to accept you into the shelter, he or she will go over the shelter rules with you.  The rules are simple and for the most part self-explanatory. There are some rules that apply to all shelters.  An example of this is that there are no drugs, alcohol, or drug paraphernalia allowed in the shelters.


If you show up intoxicated at screening YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SCREEN THAT DAY.  You will be asked to return on another day when you are sober.