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An Email received from a former SHARE/SHARE2 participant

To SHARE staff and members, 

My name is KJ and I'm writing to thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most. A few years ago I suddenly went from being a Union business owner to fleeing domestic violence. I found myself on the streets of Seattle without a nickel in my pocket. SHARE found me and I went to one of your women's shelters. It wasn't long before I was in SHARE 2, where I stayed for a couple years. I got counseling, had time to heal, and get trained to re-enter the workforce.

Today I have a job, a vehicle, and a place of my own again.

In my experience, SHARE provides an essential service to our community, one I'll be eternally grateful for. 



Jennifer, participant of Tent City 3


            Scar's so deep to look at me

you wouldn't see

                What keeps frightning me?


        When I sleep the dreams seem

    so Real

                Why me?


           Afraid to love, to let you

        in, fear so deep how do I begin?


        If I let you know will you let

Me go?  imperfect, damaged goods, tourtured

soul, cursed to live life alone, a life of

hell, demon's and ghosts Run my life

            Cant Run, Nowhere to hide, My life

going by

September 22, 2012


What the Homeless Want and Need...

    People are people are people.  What do we want?  We want our lives back.  We lost our lives for

the most part when we lost our jobs, housing, and opportunities to the rough times we are living

through right now.  It should be pointed out that many more people will slip through the cracks in the

years to come until the poor and needy band together to coax changes that will benefit us all.

    We need job training, jobs, educational opportunities, health care, legal help at times,

affordable housing and general donations for daily living until a time we can tend our own needs.  What

we don't want is to be treated like we're all troubled with problems like alcohol and drugs.  Among the

homeless you will find those that fell through the cracks because of drug and alcohol addictions, but

many of us have not had those issues.  We simply slipped through the cracks.  We would appreciate

non-judgmental comments and kindness which those of you still living your lives in homes and

apartments want simply out of respect for others.  We're still viable workers, friends, parents, and

members in good standing with the rest of the community.  So, it follows that the "Golden Rule" does

apply.  Comments are welcomed, don't be shy.

August 30, 2012