An innovative aspect of the Bunkhouse is the utilization of the individual rooms for 24 hours and a common space for overflow.

The Bunkhouse is self-managed with the Participants doing chores and SHARE meetings. The Participants also provide security for the Bunkhouse in the form of sitting Firewatch for 3 hour shifts. 

SHARE/WHEEL is going in a different direction with this reopening. We are attempting to get volunteers from the greater SHARE/WHEEL and Nickelsville Communities to sign-up for the Firewatch shifts, Litter Busters, Cleaning Chores and Helping with Screening Obligations.

Bunkhouse Participants will be responsible for the following on the weekend; having representation at the SHARE Power Lunch at Noon.

If you have any questions please call SHARE voicemail at 206-517-9011

If you have found a shift you would like to cover please send an email to Bunkhouse@sharewheel.org with your request. If you do not have access to email you can call your request into the SHARE voicemail for the Bunkhouse Organizer 206-517-9011.

You must have Coordinator Experience in SHARE/WHEEL before signing up for Bunkhouse Coordinator. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know that you are on the calendar.