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May 15th, 2024 UPDATE:  Hey, everybody! SHARE and WHEEL are short-staffed at the moment and really need good people to fill our open Organizer (SHARE) and Shift Worker (WHEEL) positions. Check it out below!

May 14th, 2024 Update:

Fantastic news for SHARE/WHEEL and homeless people!  Driven by SHARE's commitment to creative community problem-solving and in answer to the desperate need for more shelter, we’re thrilled to announce that Tent City4 will be celebrating its Grand RE-OPENING in partnership with Seattle Mennonite Church!!  We'll be re-starting the camp on Saturday, May 18th at 3212 NE 125th St., and our stay will last until mid-May 2025!   We’re beyond grateful to Seattle Mennonite Church for their gracious hosting and dedication to service.  At this site we’ll have access to indoor as well as outdoor amenities!

We welcome your help, and we sure need it!  Startup supplies needed include: pallets, plywood, tarps, tools, rope, flashlights, blankets/sleeping bags, milk crates, cleaning supplies, buckets.

We’ll need FOUR dormitory/community tents  (25’ x 15’  Coleman Skydome 12-person Tent) and MANY one/two-person tents--preferred “model” https://www.amazon.com/Coleman-Skydome.../dp/B07XGDP7D7...

We’ll also need Move-In Day volunteers on Saturday the 18th!  Wear sensible shoes and work gloves, and just SHOW UP at 3212 NE 125th from 9 AM on.

Stay tuned for shout-outs about other volunteer opportunities and needs.  Please reach out to us at tc4@sharewheel.org or (206) 956-0334 with questions or suggestions.  Thank you!

APRIL 2, 2022 UPDATE:  It’s a good day for SHARE/WHEEL and Tent City3! We’re on the move from Phinney Ridge Lutheran (7500 Greenwood Ave N) to City land at 1132 N 128th—with an agreement, until June 4th! MOVE HELP is needed at BOTH sites—if you can pitch in, just stop by either site any time today and talk to the MoveMasters. Wear gloves and work boots – it’s going to be a long day.

At the new site we have room to grow. We really need TENTS and could also use pallets, plywood and blankets/sleeping bags. For more info, stop by the camp, or contact us at tc3@sharewheel.org or call (206) 956-0334.

We thank Phinney Ridge Lutheran for their excellent hosting, and all y'all for your support!


SHARE (Seattle Housing and Resource Effort) is a unique, dynamic,

grassroots community of homeless people founded in 1990. 

In addition to grassroots community organizing, we facilitate by-the-

people, for-the-people, clean-and-sober self-managed shelter in 10

different locations, and two Tent Cities. 

We also operate a self-managed Storage Locker Program, and a 

Housing for Work Program.

Our Shelters have openings! 

For a complete Screening calendar click on SHARE Screening Calendar

Or, come to screen at our Special 10 AM--1 PM Sunday Screening

(with coffee and donuts):

SHARE Tent Cities Screen on-site 24/7. Please click on the desired camp

to get the current location Tent City 3    Tent City 4

SHARE Storage Lockers can help if you just need a safe place to keep your belongings.

For more information click on SHARE Storage Lockers   

SHARE also has job openings--we're looking for a Tent City Organizer. 

For more information Click Here


Are you a current SHARE or Nickelsville Participant and want to help keep Bunkhouse Days Program open?  You can 

sign up for any one of 10 positions every day. Check the Calendar for availability by clicking on Bunkhouse.