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March 26th Update:

We're holding together in this time of crisis and are grateful for your support!  Our nine SHARE/WHEEL Self-Managed Shelters need your help as most of our locations have expanded to 24-hour shelter-in-place operations or will expand soon!!!

Needs list:

• Toilet Paper (almost out of stock in all nine shelters) and Paper Towels
• Hand Sanitizer (we ARE out at all locations!)
• Non-perishable food and canned goods

• Meal drop-off at our shelters!  Email meals4shelters@sharewheel.org for info
• Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, and bananas are good)

• Trash bags—clear 40-gallon bags and black 33-gallon bags
• Paper Plates, Paper Cups, Utensils, Napkins
• Disinfecting wipes and small rags and towels for cleaning
• Blankets
• Water (bottled)
• Face Masks & Gloves

How to help:

• Drop off items between NOON at 2 PM ANY day at the Aloha Inn, 1911 Aurora.  Please ask for “The SHARE Staffperson on Duty”

• Call our Office (206) 448-7889 or email shelters@sharewheel.org--we can match you with a Shelter in YOUR neighborhood.  We have shelters in Ballard, North Seattle (Woodland Park/Phinney Neighborhood), the U District, the South End, and Wallingford.   

• If it’s a meal-specific query, email meals4shelters@sharewheel.org

Thank you Very Much!

March 6th Update:

SHARE/WHEEL's Tent City3 is moving TOMORROW (Saturday, March 7th) from Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church (7500 Phinney Avenue North) to 12914 Martin Luther King Jr Way South in Skyway.  Move help is REALLY needed!  If you're able to help, show up anytime after 8 AM at the Phinney site, or from 10 AM on in Skyway.  Thanks so much for your solidarity and support!

March 4th Update:

SHARE/WHEEL is a small cash-strapped, democratic & grassroots organizing effort of homeless people that facilitates the largest network of shelters in our region, with 11 indoor shelters and two tent cities.  Extra help is needed to support our community during the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis.  Because of the reimbursable nature of SHARE/WHEEL's government contracts, our organization has to go out on a large margin before shelter expenses are reimbursed by the government. Plus, SHARE/WHEEL lost critical funding last year after FEMA denied an emergency shelter grant to all of King County because of the high median income here.

There are three ways to help:

**Extra shelter hygiene supplies are needed, and donations to SHARE/WHEEL now are critical to meet the need.  Use the Pay Pal button here on our website if you're able to help!

**SHARE/WHEEL operates its shelter network on a fleet of donated, often rickety vehicles.  ALL of these vehicles are in need of repairs RIGHT NOW!  There're two ways you can help with this transportation-related crisis:  1)  IF you have mechanical skills or ideas for car/van repair donations, or 2) IF you have a vehicle (van especially) and have time/energy to volunteer to drive blankets and supplies for SHARE/WHEEL shelters and tent cities, please reach out now:  (206) 448-7889 or shelters@sharewheel.org

The City, County, State and FEMA NEED to and may soon deploy extra shelter supply, service, and funding resources.  Stay tuned for additional "asks" regarding advocacy next steps to support SHARE/WHEEL and other grassroots shelter operators.


More specifics about our vehicle needs is here:

SHARE's Vehicle Fleet has finally "kicked the carburetor." None of our vehicles is running. We are asking for help with repairs, shop space and/or donations to purchase parts. Vehicles are important for the day to day health and safety needs of our Organization. 

Here's a list of our vehicles and  what we know about their condition:

2003 Chevy Express 2500 - Needs an alternator, a tuneup and general maintenance - This is the most heavily used vehicle as it is used 6 days a week to pick up blankets from our indoor Shelters/Tent City 3 in the morning so they can be laundered and then returned to the Shelters in the evening.

2001 Subaru Legacy Outback - We believe needs a power steering pump, plus standard maintenance. The alternator and battery have been pulled and tested and are both fine - This is the vehicle the Overflow Logistics Coordinator uses to do the daily work required.

2000 Subaru Legacy Outback - Clutch went out and engine compartment started to smoke - This Vehicle is used by Organizers to get out to the multiple Shelters/Tent Cities.

2005 Toyota Echo - Engine issue? Has new spark plugs - This Vehicle is also used by Organizers to get out to the multiple Shelters/Tent Cities.

1988 Dodge Ram 50 (Extended Passenger Van) - We think maybe an alternator repair is needed, based on how the lights all dimmed out before the Van finally died - This vehicle is used to get our Participants around to meetings and other group activities.

2002 Dodge Ram Wagon B3500 - Needs a new front end-brakes, calipers, shocks, headlight housing, etc.- the side sliding door is jammed shut.

We'd appreciate any help given!  Our 300+ participants rely on the generosity and support of friends like you!

November 27th Update:  For almost thirty years our SHARE community of homeless men and women has been working together to survive and solve homelessness.  We’re proud of our efforts, and the positive difference they’ve made in Seattle/King County. 

With a mixture of anticipation and trepidation we’re letting you know that this Sunday, December 1st, the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes will feature a segment on the housing crisis and homelessness in Seattle.  The show starts at 7 PM.  Here's a clip:


This summer Anderson Cooper’s 60 Minutes crew spent a lot of time at Tent City3 talking with SHARE folks.  They seemed smart and caring.  We’re hoping the stories and wisdom that came out of our SHARE tents and shelters –from the misery and pain of sleeping outside alone to the possibility of community and empowerment in SHARE – get told Sunday.  We’re hoping that the basis of the crisis of homelessness--in increasing economic inequality--is recognized. 

We still need your support.  WHEEL Women in Black have stood for 99 homeless deaths that’ve occurred outside, in a public place, or by violence in King County already this year.  Without shelter, people die.  Our community, our gift of keeping people together and safe, and our speaking truth to power are more important now than ever.

Please tune in to 60 Minutes this Sunday, and please stay connected to SHARE.

Also, please consider making a contribution to help us fill an unanticipated year-end funding gap we’re facing because all of King County was denied a much-needed FEMA emergency shelter grant this year after Federal formulas deemed King County too wealthy, with too low an unemployment rate, to warrant it (!).


Thanks so much for your solidarity and support!

The women and men of SHARE/WHEEL

SHARE (Seattle Housing and Resource Effort) is a unique, dynamic,

grassroots community of homeless people founded in 1990. 

In addition to grassroots community organizing, we facilitate by-the-

people, for-the-people, clean-and-sober self-managed shelter in 10

different locations, and two Tent Cities. 

We also operate a self-managed Storage Locker Program, and a 

Housing for Work Program.

Our Shelters have openings! 

For a complete Screening calendar click on SHARE Screening Calendar

Or, come to screen at our Special 10 AM--1 PM Sunday Screening

(with coffee and donuts):

SHARE Sunday Shelter Screenings

At The Recovery Café

Every Sunday  10 AM - 1PM

2022 Boren Ave. Seattle, WA 98121       Please ARRIVE SOBER to Screen-in

Bus Tickets for Travel

Screen-in once and keep coming back nightly

Locations all around town

Mats and Blankets Provided

Sobriety and Participation Required

Microwave and Coffee Maker in Shelters

Join a wider Community of Self-managed Support and Resources

No Time Limit on Stay

Daytime Sleeping Shelter Available

7 CO-ED, 1 Men Only, 2 Women Only

SHARE Tent Cities Screen on-site 24/7. Please click on the desired camp

to get the current location Tent City 3    Tent City 4

SHARE Storage Lockers can help if you just need a safe place to keep your belongings.

For more information click on SHARE Storage Lockers   

SHARE also has job openings--we're looking for a Tent City Organizer. 

For more information Click Here


Are you a current SHARE or Nickelsville Participant and want to help keep Bunkhouse Days Program open?  You can 

sign up for any one of 10 positions every day. Check the Calendar for availability by clicking on Bunkhouse.

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