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for SHARE (Seattle Housing and Resource Effort)

We don’t want our dwellings to be temporary.   Help us pay the rent!!!  We need our community supporters and friends to help us pay down 2014 debt so we can start 2015 healthy and strong!


WHEN:  5-8 PM Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

WHERE:  University Lutheran Church   1604 NE 50th St

SHARE is a grassroots organizing effort of homeless people founded in 1990.  We facilitate the largest network of shelters in the Pacific Northwest, with 15 self-managed indoor shelters and two Tent Cities.  We provide shelter, safety, community, dignity and empowerment for more than 500 men and women every day! 

Our event will include light refreshments—soup and sandwiches—music, and a movie playing in the background about our first Tent City, called “Temporary Dwellings.”  A FREE WILL OFFERING WILL BE TAKEN.  We need to pay down around $30,000 in debt to end the year in the clear (and pay our rent).  PLEASE JOIN US!

For more info call 206-448-7889 or email shelters@sharewheel.org

Click on the DONATE button to the right if you can help electronically.  But, we’d prefer to see you at our event!



PO Box 2548,

Seattle, WA  98111


October 24, 2014


Seattle City Council

600 Fourth Avenue, 2nd Floor

Seattle, WA 98104


Dear Councilmembers:


Greetings from the men and women of SHARE (Seattle Housing and Resource Effort)!


As you are aware, homelessness is at its worse in our City – the amount of homeless people living unsheltered on our streets continues to increase.  Last year 57 homeless people died outside or by violence unsheltered.  This year the Women in Black have so far stood for 38 homeless deaths of the same circumstances.  Without Shelter People Die!


As you deliberate on next year’s budget we ask you to please prioritize the safety and survival of homeless people.  Consider practical and cost-effective solutions that would serve a lot of the vulnerable homeless people surviving on our streets.


We ask you to consider funding for the following:

  • $100,000 for encampments.

  • $120,000 for the WHEEL Winter Shelter to operate thru the summer.

  • Full funding for the Urban Rest Stop


Encampments are viable and cost-effective interim solutions to the lack of shelter beds in our region.  Ours cost less than $3.00 a night per person.  They provide safety and community to not only single adults but also to couples, families and people with pets.  The Committee to End Homelessness in King County already acknowledges that Interim Survival Mechanisms, like encampments or Tent Cities, needs support as part of our Crisis Response in addressing the need of the unsheltered homeless population.  Encampments like Tent City 3 have been around for over a decade.  It is time for the City of Seattle to support them.


The WHEEL Winter Shelter, which officially has capacity for 25 women, has been providing shelter for 50 women each night.  This year, through collaboration with CCS and funding from Seattle HSD, it has remained open thru the summer.  We need to keep this low-barrier women shelter open year round to ensure a no net-loss of shelter beds in Seattle.


The Urban Rest Stop is another practical necessity needed for people in Seattle to survive homelessness.  It is an important service that caters to a lot of homeless people.  It provides necessities, like shower, laundry facilities and hygiene supplies, to enable homeless people get back on the right track.  URS deserves full funding.  Homeless people need more not less of the facilities and services like the Urban Rest Stop.


We urge the Seattle City Council to make these commitments to address the crisis of homeless in Seattle.


Occupy_Flyer 10-21-14-page-001

 Around 3:30 PM Friday 10/17/14 SPD Posted TC3 with numerous warnings that they will be swept on Wednesday,      October 22nd - that's the day the Committee to End Homelessness Governing Board Meets, co-chaired by our Mayor, Meets.  Many folks from Tent City3 will be Marching to the Governing Board Meeting, leaving Westlake Mall Park at around 7:00 AM.  Please join us if you can - and consider posting this information on your Facebook Page or Email List.

This Week’s Key SHARE (and WHEEL) Dates:

1)  Tuesday October 21st Occupy CEHKC Sleep Out/Rally/March begins at 12 PM Westlake Mall Park

3)  Tuesday October 21st TRU March for Seattle METRO starts at 4:00 PM @ Westlake Park

4)  Tuesday October 21st Occupy CEHKC Rally @ Westlake Park 5:30 PM followed by Dinner and Sleep Out

5)  Wednesday October 22 D Date for SPD Sweeping TC3

6)  Wednesday October 22 Occupy CEHKC marches on CEHKC Governing Board Meeting (co-chaired by Mayor Murray.)  7 AM Wake Up In, or Meet up At Westlake Mall Park at 7 AM

The "Ask" of Mayor Murray is simple:  Let TC3 stay where they are until Seattle Pacific University can host them.  There may be churches that will take on the legal obligations that makes this kosher under the Seattle Religiouis Encampment Ordinance & it's what the CEHKC Crisis Response Plan says to do.

7)  Thursday October 23rd @ 1:00 PM  Mayors Unsheltered Homelessness Task Force holds first of a couple meetings (in secret.)  There are some good folks on this Committee, dominated by the usual sharks and wolves in sheeps clothing.

8)  Thursday October 23rd @ 5:30 PM.  City Council Budget Hearing.  Are you surprised there is no new money in the Mayors Budget for SHARE, WHEEL, the Urban Rest Stop or Encampments?

From our WHEEL Sisters::

There is one other shocking crisis facing our community in the coming week:  The WHEEL Winter Women's Shelter (for 50-60 women) is being displaced from its current home, Sacred Heart Hall (on lower Queen Anne) for one night next Saturday (10/25) and then likely permanently on November 1st.  We, WHEEL, have asked Mayor Murray and the Human Services Dept to allow our critically-needed low-barrier women's shelter to stay at the Northwest Rooms of Seattle Center on 10/25 and during the months of November and December.  Please support our request!  This is what we (WHEEL) will be speaking on at Tuesday's Rally.


Contact Emails:  ed.murray@seattle.govhyeok.kim@seattle.gov, tc3@sharewheel.org

Phone Numbers:  Mayor Murray's Phone Number '684-4000 (voice mail usually full.) 

Citizens Service Bureau 684-2489.  SHARE 448-7889