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THIS is what a State of Emergency looks like: We stood vigil today [2/27/19] for four 

people, we’re standing vigil again next week for four people, and our WHEEL and 

SHARE communities again are threatened by political punishment and de-funding.

VIGIL ON WEDNESDAY 3-6-19: From family, friends, service providers, allies and news reports we learned of FOUR additional outdoor or violent deaths that occurred in February, and we’ve not even received the new MEs list of February homeless deaths yet. We’re terrified that the February list will be even much more horrible.

At noon NEXT Wednesday, March 6th we’ll stand outside the Seattle Justice Center (5th/Cherry) with very heavy hearts to honor:

**Shaunae Lahman, 34, died at I-5/Columbian Way on 2/14; cause pending.
**Mark Schuchard, 53, died in an RV in Lake City (115th/22nd NE) on 2/3; cause pending
**Rick Fowler, 63, run over by cars and killed on Lake City Way on 2/22.
**Nathan Etling, 39, died by suicide by an Amtrak train in Tukwila on 2/20.

Our community also has lost several members who died indoors, in hospital, or in housing. This vigil will be dedicated to the memory of beloved Nickelodeon Mary Brown, beloved-of-Greenwood David Van Drimlen, and beloved-by-many including the Chief Seattle Club Caroline Big Wolf.

Last year a record-and-heartbreaking 120 homeless people died outside or by violence (of 193 homeless deaths total). Already in 2019 at least 18 have died outside or by violence. NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE OUR GRIEF and OUR FEAR. Which is why it’s even more shocking that the Mayor and the Director of the Human Services Department AGAIN are threatening to de-fund the WHEEL Shelter and the SHARE/WHEEL self-managed indoor shelter network.

CALL TO ACTION: On Tuesday, February 26th we learned the Mayor and the head of the 

Seattle Human Service Department intend to circumvent last fall’s unanimous City Council 

decision to fund the SHARE/WHEEL indoor shelter network and the WHEEL low-barrier 

women’s shelter for the next two years.

Instead, the Mayor and the head of the Human Service Department intend to fund our shelters 

ONLY for six months, with conditions. An additional six month’s funding MIGHT be offered, 

pending some form of nebulous “performance improvements.”

This completely negates City Council decision-making authority, and their UNANIMOUS vote 

in November, taken after an enormous amount of public testimony, coalition work and 

partnerships, faith community outcry, and public support for our necessary, community- 

building, empowering and life-saving work.

It’s unwarranted based on our actual performance, and the goodness of our shelters:

**Our housing outcomes last year were better than many other basic shelter providers.

**Our self-managed and church-based model is unparalleled, building bridges of community 

and partnership all over the city, and developing leadership among participants.

**We deeply live out the City’s own stated Race and Social Justice Equity initiatives, goals and 

values with our constituent-led model.

Unlike at the Mexican border, there IS a State of Emergency here in Seattle/King County—it’s 

Homeless State of Emergency, jointly declared by Mayor Murray and King County Executive 

Constantine more than three years ago. In the third year of that Emergency, last year, at least 

120 homeless people died outside of shelter or by violence in King County (of at least 193 

homeless deaths altogether—women, men and children). This broke all previous records, and 

is an incontrovertible sign of the Emergency. More people are living—and dying—on our 

streets than ever before.

Seattle and King County are creating more basic shelter--and tearing down walls both actual 

and metaphoric--because of this Emergency.

How, then, does it make sense to threaten to de-fund and shutter SHARE and WHEEL’s 

shelters, totaling well over 200 spots, AGAIN, for the third time in just over a year?

How, then, does it make sense again to threaten the future of our cost-effective, well-self-

managed, church-based shelter network, and the critically-needed, life-saving WHEEL low-

barrier women’s shelter? (Which low-barrier women’s shelter, by the way, served 72 women 

this past weekend in our 40 spots due to need and our no-turnaway policy.)

On the Seattle border between justice and injustice, the City’s punitive power play will terrify 

and anger homeless participants, destabilize our operations, and make much more difficult our 

work of keeping people alive with dignity.

Mayoral/Human Services Department mistreatment of WHEEL and SHARE—and disregard for 

the City Council’s authority—is shameful and wrong. These kinds of actions are not OUR 

Seattle, and do not reflect Seattle values.



Mayor Durkan: (206) 684-4000, jenny.durkan@seattle.gov

City Council (206) 684-8888 council@seattle.gov

Please reach out to us for more information and to hear how else to help.

(206) 956-0334 wheelorg@yahoo.com or (206) 448-7889 shelters@sharewheel.org


Thanks for your solidarity!

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