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March 4, 2015

Friends of SHARE and WHEEL:

Below is the flier handed out to passersby at the Women in Black vigil held Wednesday March 4, 2015 in front of Seattle's Justice Center. Please read it, and then take action if you feel the call.

Thank you,

SHARE's Communication Work Group






Every time a homeless person is found dead outside or dies by violence in King County, WHEEL (a homeless women’s organizing effort) and Mary’s Place (an empowerment ministry for women and children) mobilize for our silent witnessing vigil called Women in Black.  JOIN US!


From newspaper reports and confirmed by the King County Medical Examiners, we learned that a homeless man was found dead in his campsite near I-90 on Wednesday, February 25th, after his tent caught fire.  He is Ngo Tho Huyhn, 49, and he died of burns and smoke inhalation.  This has been ruled to be an accident.


We are standing vigil today to honor and remember Mr Huyhn.  Our hearts are with his family and friends.


At least 45 homeless people died outside or by violence in King County in 2014, and at least eight already this year, some by very terrible causes, outside and alone.  Here is our death list:


CAUSE OF DEATH:                         WHO:                                                                    WHEN:                 WHERE:

FALL FROM I-5 OVERPASS           Hoang X. Nguyen, 41                                         January ’15          I-5 at James Street

SUICIDE                                               Jeffrey Davis, 44                                                 January               Downtown (901 Fifth)

PENDING                                             James Carlson, 56                                               January              Kent

PENDING                                             Kevin Guempel, 49                                             January               Ballard (155 NW 85th)

ANOXIC ENCEPHALOPATHY      Juri Skolin, 60                                                       January               Downtown (999 Third)

PENDING                                             Michael Franklin, 59                                           February             Ballard (Leary Way)

BURNED TO DEATH                        Ngo Tho Huyhn, 49                                            February               near I-90

UNDETERMINED                              Dillon Lesnick, 21                                                February              U District


We will stand vigil again same time & place NEXT Wednesday (3/11) for Dillon Lesnick, 21, whose death was just shared with us.  (There might be more names, too, since we are due a new list of homeless deaths from the King County Medical Examiners.)  Stand with us!  Our hearts are broken as we stand here alone, wondering:  Where is the community outcry? 


JOIN US as we demand and work on providing more shelter and encampments NOW!



1.  WE WILL RESOLVE TO BE A COMMUNITY, homeless and housed, together. Homelessness is not just a loss of housing, it is a loss of community. Take an emotional inventory of your own negative attitudes toward homeless people. Do you involve them as part of your community? If negative perceptions hold you back, how can you deal with them?


2.  WE WILL SUPPORT CREATION OF NEW, ORGANIZED ENCAMPMENTS IN ALL ZONES IN SEATTLE: The 2015 One Night Count of Unsheltered Homeless people showed an unprecedented 21% increase—to 3,772 women, men and children outside, county-wide.  Every neighborhood, and every community is affected.  There are homeless people sleeping outside in dangerous conditions all over our City.  Already this year two homeless men, including Mr Huyhn, for whom we stood today, have died in unsanctioned, ad hoc campsites in greenbelts in the central City.  It is not safe or hygienic to go it alone like this; organized encampments with hygiene services are what’s needed.


Mayor Murray has taken the unprecedented, bold and compassionate step of proposing development of--and support for--three new organized encampments on public land, with public support, here in Seattle.  The Seattle City Council now is considering an ordinance regarding encampments, and necessary and good amendments to the Council legislation have been proposed.


This Encampment Legislation needs to be passed, but WITH the Amendments proposed by Councilmember Sawant (and supported by Councilmembers O’Brien and Licata), ESPECIALLY the Amendment that opens up siting encampments in ALL ZONES in the City.  (The current proposed Ordinance allows them only in Industrial Zones, a narrow swath of land that spans the central City.)


Here’s why this Amendment to allow encampments in all zones is important and necessary:

  • First and foremost, redlining encampments out of residential zones is discrimination, and wrong.

  • Homeless people are struggling to survive, and are dying, all over the City, not just in industrial zones.

  • Organized encampments like SHARE/WHEEL’s Tent City3 have operated in residential zones (primarily on faith community land) for decades, without negative impact or incident.

  • There’s no other King County precedent or example of such redlining—suburban jurisdictions have not implemented it, so why should Seattle?


PLEASE IMMEDIATELY contact Seattle City Councilmembers and urge them to PASS the Encampment Ordinance legislation WITH the All-Zone Siting Amendment.  PLEASE ESPECIALLY FOCUS ON COUNCILMEMBERS RASMUSSEN, BAGSHAW and HARRELL, who could be the “Swing Votes” on this measure.


Seattle City Councilmembers:
Sally.Bagshaw@seattle.gov (206) 684-8801                     Tim.Burgess@seattle.gov  (206) 684-8806
Sally.Clark@seattle.gov (206) 684-8802                        Kshama.Sawant@seattle.gov (206) 684-8016
Jean.Godden@seattle.gov (206) 684-8807                       Bruce.Harrell@seattle.gov (206) 684-8804
Nick.Licata@seattle.gov (206) 684-8803                            Mike.OBrien@seattle.gov (206) 684-8800
Tom.Rasmussen@seattle.gov  (206) 684-8808



WHEEL                                                                                                                                    Mary’s Place

P.O. Box 2548                                                                                                                       P.O. Box 1711

Seattle, WA 98111                                                                                                         Seattle, WA 98111

(206) 956-0334                                                                                                                     (206) 621-8474

wheelorg@yahoo.com                                                                                                              WIB 3/4/15

Update February 28,2015



Homeless people’s organizations WHEEL and SHARE strongly oppose the reversal of Informed Consent practice and law, as represented by a new Bill (Senate Bill 5898) currently being considered by the WA State legislature. This bill relates to the uploading of homeless people’s personal data into a central database called the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).

The HMIS system in Washington State is currently an Opt-In System, requiring meaningful informed consent and people choosing explicitly—by signing a form—to waive their personal privacy rights. SB 5898 would reverse the system of consent-giving from Opt-In to Opt-Out.

Our opposition is extremely strong, and is three-fold:

  • Here in the USA, waiving rights should be by affirmation, not default.  This is foundational to our democracy, and should be no different for homeless people than it is for anyone else.

  • Already in practice--even with the WA State Informed Consent Law as it currently stands for implementation of the HMIS--homeless people here are not being told their rights, and if they express reluctance to share their personal information, they are being pressured and sometimes even threatened (not to be given shelter).  SB 5898, reversing consent from Opt-In (affirmation) to Opt-Out (default) will exploit people's vulnerabilities and need for survival shelter. Passage of this bill would make it much harder for homeless people to know and then exercise their rights to consent and privacy.

  • The HMIS has had 10 years and millions of dollars to prove its claim that “better data will help us solve homelessness.” The HMIS has given us NO new information that we didn't already have through other, less-invasive and onerous means. And, there are now thousands more homeless people in our state than there were before the HMIS system started.

Please help us preserve homeless people’s rights to consent and privacy! Go to the WA State Legislature’s Bill Information Home Page, and read the information about SB 5898: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=5898&year=2015

Click on “Comment about this Bill” and please submit a comment in opposition to this Bill. Please focus especially on the “Ways and Means” Committee, which is considering this Bill soon. (See reverse for contact info.)

For more information, contact WHEEL, a grassroots organizing effort of homeless and formerly homeless women: (206) 956-0334 or wheelorg@yahoo.com

UPDATE 4 PM MONDAY, JANUARY 26TH:  WE HAVE A PERMIT FOR DAYTIME DEMONSTRATIONS ON THE WEST CAPITOL GROUNDS, AND ARE AT THE TIVOLI FOUNTAIN (200 yards east of the Capitol Dome).  We're still negotiating nighttime sleeping accommodations, but will be in the community room of LIHI's Fleetwood Apartments (near Sylvester Park) and at a local church.  


Join occupy cehkc for a sleepout in Olympia January 26, 27 and 28 and speak truth to power!

Homelessness needs real solutions, not gongs and photo ops.


·       Invest in building and preserving affordable housing

·       Quality encampments and shelters in the meantime

·       End unfair foreclosures

·       Improve public transportation and add low-income fares

·       Rent Control

·       No more blaming/tracking the victims through the Homeless Management Information (HMIS) system.  Preserve our dignity and rights to informed consent and privacy.


You can’t leave those who created the problem in charge of the solution.

--Tyree Scott


Nothing about us without us.


Calendar of Events:

MONDAY, JANUARY 26th:  We’re setting up camp! 


TUESDAY, JANUARY 27TH:  We meet with legislators and (perhaps) the Governor!  In the evening, a rally with music and speakers.


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28TH:  We march to and occupy the Governing Board Meeting of CEHKC.  Afterwards, we break down camp.


Occupy CEHKC is a coalition of WHEEL, SHARE, Nickelsville, TRU and SAFE.  www.occupycehkc.org 



is the Occupy the Committee to End Homelessness in King County Coalition (SAFE, TRU, SHARE, WHEEL & Nickelsville)

Camping Out in Olympia?


Because Homeless People can’t afford having the Governing Board of the Committee to End Homelessness in King County and their co-optees in Olympia unchaperoned!


Background:  The Committee to End Homelessness in King County Governing Board decided to kick off 2015 by leaving King County and having their quarterly meeting in Thurston County.  They and several co-optees will be heading south to Olympia on January 28th.  The goal is to persuade State Government to follow an ineffective agenda of the same old co-options:


·       Making it easier to track homeless people through the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).

·       Buying into a “brand new” 3-Year Extension of the (same old) 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness that wound up with more homeless people now than when it started.

·       Awarding State Politicians with a Symbol of Seriousness (a solemn gong-banging photo op) BEFORE getting any substance (or seriousness) in return.




·       Persuade the State to stop paying for the computerized tracking of homeless people, and under no circumstances allow this tracking to be done with out homeless peoples’ explicit, informed consent.

·       Move funding from computer tracking, landlord liaisoning and studying long-term shelter-stayers into quality encampments and shelters for the interim until we win

·       Massive new investments to preserve and build affordable housing AND get it preserved and built!

·       Start the fight for local Rent Control

·       Pass State Legislation to cut back on unfair home foreclosures

·       Expand low-income peoples’ access to quality public transportation



Occupy_Flyer 10-21-14-page-001

 Around 3:30 PM Friday 10/17/14 SPD Posted TC3 with numerous warnings that they will be swept on Wednesday,      October 22nd - that's the day the Committee to End Homelessness Governing Board Meets, co-chaired by our Mayor, Meets.  Many folks from Tent City3 will be Marching to the Governing Board Meeting, leaving Westlake Mall Park at around 7:00 AM.  Please join us if you can - and consider posting this information on your Facebook Page or Email List.

This Week’s Key SHARE (and WHEEL) Dates:

1)  Tuesday October 21st Occupy CEHKC Sleep Out/Rally/March begins at 12 PM Westlake Mall Park

3)  Tuesday October 21st TRU March for Seattle METRO starts at 4:00 PM @ Westlake Park

4)  Tuesday October 21st Occupy CEHKC Rally @ Westlake Park 5:30 PM followed by Dinner and Sleep Out

5)  Wednesday October 22 D Date for SPD Sweeping TC3

6)  Wednesday October 22 Occupy CEHKC marches on CEHKC Governing Board Meeting (co-chaired by Mayor Murray.)  7 AM Wake Up In, or Meet up At Westlake Mall Park at 7 AM

The "Ask" of Mayor Murray is simple:  Let TC3 stay where they are until Seattle Pacific University can host them.  There may be churches that will take on the legal obligations that makes this kosher under the Seattle Religiouis Encampment Ordinance & it's what the CEHKC Crisis Response Plan says to do.

7)  Thursday October 23rd @ 1:00 PM  Mayors Unsheltered Homelessness Task Force holds first of a couple meetings (in secret.)  There are some good folks on this Committee, dominated by the usual sharks and wolves in sheeps clothing.

8)  Thursday October 23rd @ 5:30 PM.  City Council Budget Hearing.  Are you surprised there is no new money in the Mayors Budget for SHARE, WHEEL, the Urban Rest Stop or Encampments?

From our WHEEL Sisters::

There is one other shocking crisis facing our community in the coming week:  The WHEEL Winter Women's Shelter (for 50-60 women) is being displaced from its current home, Sacred Heart Hall (on lower Queen Anne) for one night next Saturday (10/25) and then likely permanently on November 1st.  We, WHEEL, have asked Mayor Murray and the Human Services Dept to allow our critically-needed low-barrier women's shelter to stay at the Northwest Rooms of Seattle Center on 10/25 and during the months of November and December.  Please support our request!  This is what we (WHEEL) will be speaking on at Tuesday's Rally.


Contact Emails:  ed.murray@seattle.govhyeok.kim@seattle.gov, tc3@sharewheel.org

Phone Numbers:  Mayor Murray's Phone Number '684-4000 (voice mail usually full.) 

Citizens Service Bureau 684-2489.  SHARE 448-7889