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It’s been a good-news-bad-news sort of a week for SHARE/WHEEL and our community!:

The good news: SHARE/WHEEL and Tent City3 had a positive, productive meeting with Deputy Mayor Moseley and City staff

 Monday, August 26th. (We hope they meet with our allies, Nickelsville, soon too!) 

Tent City3 has a gracious host site offer, and will be moving from our current site (6307—8th Ave NE in Ravenna) to Riverton

 Park United Methodist Church in Tukwila on Saturday, September 7th. Move help is REALLY needed—if you’re able to assist,

 please come to the Ravenna site anytime after 8 AM on Saturday September 7th.

The bad news: FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has decided that King County is doing too well 

economically to qualify for aid for our homelessness crisis through their EFSP emergency shelter grant program. This will 

impact many good and necessary emergency shelter providers in King County, but none more than SHARE/WHEEL, since we 

provide more shelter (indoor and outdoor) at a lower cost and slimmer margin than any other organization in the County. 

Our Shelter Board partners have started a Go Fund Me Campaign to help fill the gap—

please consider contributing if you are able to.


More information about the FEMA/ESFP situation can be found in this good Crosscut 


Thank you for your solidarity and witness.




SHARE/WHEEL's Tent City3 is the oldest continually-operating outdoor encampment in the nation.  Founded in 2000, the camp is clean-and-sober, self-managed, and currently has around 70 women, men and children participants. We’ve had dozens of excellent TC3 hosts over the decades, including many faith community partners.  But, Tent City3 was faced with NO invitation for a new host site for TODAY (Saturday, August 17th).  Our planned-for next host site fell through at the 11th hour.  Other very urgent survival requests for host sites have not borne fruit.

We had to keep our word to leave UCUCC as promised.  Our telling the truth--leaving when promised--is one of our greatest strengths.

We also had to stay together, and safe.  The stakes are much too high in terms of human life, and community, for the camp to scatter and disband now.  At least 74 homeless people have died outside, in a public place, or by violence already this year in King County—a shattering record.

So, TODAY (SATURDAY, AUGUST 17th) we moved to City-controlled land on a triangle of grass east of the Park and Ride below I-5 at NE Ravenna Blvd; the address is 6307—8th Ave NE.  We stayed here once before in late 2013, and Mayor Murray even came and visited with us!

Here are some ways you can help: 

1)    Please reach out to Mayor Durkan and her staff right away.  Tell them to act with compassion and justice, and to let Tent City3 stay together and safe on this land until a new host site invites us!  Mayor Durkan (206) 684-4000; jenny.durkan@seattle.gov; Deputy Mayor Moseley david.moseley@seattle.gov

2)    If you have ideas of hosts/land for Tent City3 we could move to, please reach out to us now!  (206) 448-7889; (206) 956-0334 or tc3@sharewheel.org

3)    Stay tuned to Seattle Housing and Resource Effort (SHARE) on Facebook to learn of other Calls to Action that'd help keep the camp safe and together.  Call (206) 448-7889 or (206) 956-0334 for more information.

4)    Come visit!  Having our friends and supporters around is important to us!

5)    Make a donation to defray our costs—moving is expensive!  Use our PayPal button on our website, or donate through the mails at P.O. Box 2548 Seattle, WA  98111.  Donations of breakfast or lunch items, non-perishable food, trash bags, gas cards (for the generator), gloves, tents and tarps AT THE CAMP are welcome, and needed.  Our meal calendar is at www.sharewheel.org; email tc3@sharewheel.org if you’d like to help out! 

Please stay tuned and help as you are able to.  Thanks as always for your solidarity and support!

SHARE (Seattle Housing and Resource Effort) is a unique, dynamic,

grassroots community of homeless people founded in 1990. 

In addition to grassroots community organizing, we facilitate by-the-

people, for-the-people, clean-and-sober self-managed shelter in 10

different locations, and two Tent Cities. 

We also operate a self-managed Storage Locker Program, and a 

Housing for Work Program.

Our Shelters have openings! 

For a complete Screening calendar click on SHARE Screening Calendar

Or, come to screen at our Special 10 AM--1 PM Sunday Screening

(with coffee and donuts):

SHARE Sunday Shelter Screenings

At The Recovery Café

Every Sunday  10 AM - 1PM

2022 Boren Ave. Seattle, WA 98121       Please ARRIVE SOBER to Screen-in

Bus Tickets for Travel

Screen-in once and keep coming back nightly

Locations all around town

Mats and Blankets Provided

Sobriety and Participation Required

Microwave and Coffee Maker in Shelters

Join a wider Community of Self-managed Support and Resources

No Time Limit on Stay

Daytime Sleeping Shelter Available

7 CO-ED, 1 Men Only, 2 Women Only

SHARE Tent Cities Screen on-site 24/7. Please click on the desired camp

to get the current location Tent City 3    Tent City 4

SHARE Storage Lockers can help if you just need a safe place to keep your belongings.

For more information click on SHARE Storage Lockers   

SHARE also has job openings--we're looking for two additional Shelter Organizers. 

For more information Click Here


Are you a current SHARE or Nickelsville Participant and want to help keep Bunkhouse Days Program open?  You can 

sign up for any one of 10 positions every day. Check the Calendar for availability by clicking on Bunkhouse.

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