Tent City 3

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Tent  City 3 (eff 12/17/22) is at:
University of Washington Parking Lot E21 behind Husky Stadium!
through 3/19/23
Camp Phone: (206) 399-0412

Current TOP DONATION NEEDS--Drop donations by anytime!:

 Tents/tarps/sleeping mats/cots/sleeping bags/BLANKETS.

Building supplies are always needed (lumber of all types, zip ties, nails etc.)

Kitchen supplies (can openers, aluminum foil, saran wrap, paper plates, bowls & cups)

Canned/non-perishable food products. Bottled water.

Toilet paper.  Cleaning supplies and hygiene products. Camping supplies (flashlights, batteries etc.)

We greatly appreciate all the help we can get during these hard times.

Interested in preparing a meal for Tent City3? Email us at tc3@sharewheel.org or leave a message  at (206) 517-9011 for more information or to be added to our meal calendar.

Tent City 3 Meal Calendar


    Funding for bus tickets*
    Funding for portapotties
    Funding for dumpster service
    Rubber Boots
    Hand Warmers
Tarps(without leaks, please)(all varieties)(preferred: 16x20, 20x24, 20x30, 24x36; all sizes useful)

Duct Tape, Gorilla Tape

Plywood (3/8"+) & pallets**

Nails (3" box nails, 1 1/2" roofing nails

33-gallon trash bags (or larger)

Twine (braided poly cord), Rope (1/2" or thinner), Bungee cords

Hotties (hand & foot warmers)

Zipties (8"-14" preferred)
Totes with lids

Paper products (plates, cups, towels, tissue, etc.)

Plasticware (spoons, forks, knives)

Milk, juice, pop

Ziplock bags

Plastic Ratproof containers (4-quart to 35-gallon size

Hand sanitizer or soap

Canned or microwaveable food
(single portion size best)

Coffee, tea, sugar, creamer
Spices: Taco, salt & pepper, etc.



Composition notebooks (spirals also useful)

Copy paper

Standard Stapler Staples

Ink & Toner Cartridges (laser & inkjet printer/copiers).  Call us (399-0412) for model numbers.

Carbon paper

Pens, pencils, permanent markers

Page protectors


Large"frame" tents# - portable carports, wall tents, et cetera

Blankets & sleeping bags

Tents (8x8, 10x12)

Sleeping pads & air mattresses


Headlamps, Flashlights, Battery Operated Laterns (No open flame in camp)

Hygiene products (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shaving gel, razors, etc.)

Pain and cold relief

Feminine products

Vitamins, nutrients, multivitamins

First Aid Supplies (limited need)

Foot Powder

Shower Towels



Clean usable clothing (75% of our campers are men), our men and women are of all sizes.

Socks, shoes

Winter wear (gloves, hats, coats, sweaters, thermal underwear, etc.)



Milk Crates

Duffel Bags/Backpacks

Craft Supplies

Dog and Cat food...small dogs to large.

Tent City 3 shelters up to 100 regular residents.  Our ability to cook is limited (we have a coffeepot and a
microwave), & hot meals are always welcome.  We have no refrigerator, but we have several large coolers.
To schedule hot meals, contact SHARE at tc3@sharewheel.org or call us at (206)448-7889.


* SHARE gets a good discount on bus tickets, but we do need money to pay for them.
**If donating more than 20 pallets, please call SHARE(206-448-7889, leave message for SHARE Consultant) so we can arrange space for them.
#Before donating a large frame tent, call SHARE first
(206-448-7889, leave message for SHARE Consultant) so we can arrange space for it.
While these are very useful items, we are often limited in space and cannot use them in all locations

Your donations help us help others.  We deeply appreciate everything you do for us!
If you would like to receive our newsletter or would like a receipt, a donation form is available.
SHARE is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.  Tax ID #91-1577965

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