An innovative aspect of the Bunkhouse is the utilization of the rooms for two shifts - day and night. The night bunkhouse shift is from 7:00 pm to 6:30 am, and is designed for day workers. The day bunkhouse shift is from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm and is designed for night workers. 

The Bunkhouse is self-managed with the Participants doing chores and SHARE meetings. The Participants also provide security for the Bunkhouse in the form of sitting Firewatch for 3 hour shifts. This has been a challenge for the days program as night workers need to be able to sleep during the day. 

SHARE/WHEEL is going in a different direction with this reopening. We are attempting to get volunteers from the greater SHARE/WHEEL Community to sign-up for the Firewatch shifts Monday - Friday.

Bunkhouse Days Participants will be responsible for the following on the weekend; having representation at the SHARE Power Lunch at Noon on Saturday, Wash the Shelter blankets on Saturday night and Firewatch shifts.

Bunkhouse Days Participants will also be responsible for Screening new Participates in during the week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you have any questions please call SHARE voicemail at 206-517-9011

If you have found a shift you would like to cover please send an email to Bunkhouse@sharewheel.org with your request.