Volunteer Opportunities

SHARE desperately needs auto mechanics! SHARE desperately needs help in maintaining our aging fleet of donated vehicles. We put thousands of miles a week on our vehicles and it's a constant struggle to maintain them. If you're a mechanic willing to help, please email our Operations and Logistics Coordinator at vehicles@sharewheel.org or call our voicemail at (206)517-9011.

SHARE needs a Volunteer data-entry person. The volunteer records the results of demographic surveys done each month at SHARE’s indoor shelters and then enters the data into the City/County’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).

The volunteer must have an absolute commitment to participant confidentiality, and must have a computer located in such a way that data entry is not observed by others.

The job involves two data repositories: (1) SHARE’s internal data system (currently an Excel spreadsheet) and (2) the HMIS database (utilizing Microsoft’s Silverlight).

The job currently takes about 30 hrs/month occurring during the last week of the month, or first few days of the next month.  Satisfactory execution of the job helps maintain SHARE’s funding and survival.

The job includes a once a month hour-long meeting downtown with SHARE participants to go over the results of the surveys and any issues. Mandatory training in the HMIS system is provided by the City.

For more information, email shelters@sharewheel.org or call (206) 956-0334