SHARE Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicles Wanted

Dear SHARE Friends/Community,                                                                   

Please consider donating a minivan to support S.H.A.R.E.’s activities. A minivan will help do the following for the homeless and needy:

  • Transport 100’s of blankets daily

  • Transport SHARE participants to and from bus stops

  • Distribute necessary supplies system–wide to SHARE shelters and tent cities

While our preference is a minivan/van, any kind of vehicle would be greatly appreciated.


To donate, please contact SHARE at the following: (206) 517-9011



Share is a 501(c)3 and all donation are tax-deductible.

Mechanics and tools are always welcome too, and also tax deductible.

Just email us , or leave a message on the SHARE voice mail (206) 517-9011 for Sheri Rowe, SHARE O.L.C.