Tent Cities

SHARE/WHEEL's Tent Cities are portable, self-managed communities of up to 100 homeless men and women. 

SHARE/WHEEL's Tent Cities are democratically organized.  They operate with a strict Code of Conduct which requires sobriety, nonviolence, cooperation and participation.  Security workers are on duty 24 hours a day.  Litter patrols are done on a daily basis. 

Tent Cities provide their own trash removal and port-a-potties.  Bus tickets are provided to each participant each day so s/he can get to work or appointments.  There is a food preparation area.  Volunteers bring hot meals most evenings to both Tent Cities.

Tent Cities are needed because there is not enough indoor shelter for all who need it in King County.  Tent Cities provide a safe place to leave your belongings, flexible hours for workers, and the ability for couples to stay together.

Tent City3 started in 2000.  It operates mainly in the City of Seattle.  Tent City3 is currently at 
Shoreline Free Methodist Church. 510 NE 17th St. Shoreline,WA 98155

There is an excellent network of support for Tent City3Greater Seattle Cares is a vehicle for local communities to connect with Tent City 3 for the provision of the residents' daily needs, including scheduling hot meals for the camp.  Please visit their website at http://greaterseattlecares.org

Tent City4 started in 2004.  It operates in King County, mainly on the East Side of Lake Washington. 

Tent City4
is currently at:  just
 passed Issaquah on High Point at Exit 20 off I-90(Head south and you can't miss us!)

Tent City4 sets up at St. John Vianney

Personal tent areas

Community tents